wind chimes of today’s precision

Wind chimes have come a long way since their banging, clanging days of old. Today’s precision-tuned wind chimes produce a melody as inviting, sweet, and clear as the song sung by pristine waters cascading down a mountain side on a hot summer days. That didn’t happen by accident. More than an enhancement to home decor and garden yard decor, a quality wind chime is crafted using a scientific approach to achieve the best sound possible.
The sound of chimes best when tuned to the pentatonic scale, the same used as the black keys on a piano like westminster wind chimes. This type scale is best for generating pleasing but random notes – like those generated by the wind. Besides making harmonious sounds generated by the force of air current, the wood and metal used in the production of wind chimes further enhances their connection to the feng shui philosophy and the importance of elements.